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When it comes to grooming, you face if the most important thing to make a good impression. Your skin, hair and teeth can make a big difference to becoming a knight in shining armor to get that green-eyed monster furious. Be sure to shave daily or when needed. Women dig it when your face is smooth and clean. Plus if your ex bumps into you, she will notice that you are not a slob or letting yourself go. But you are living the life without them.

Maintaining your hair is also a good tip to looking your best. If you are losing your hair like me, I usually keep it short and clean. You can get the Headblade, which allows you to cut and shave your head in the shower easily. I give it thumbs up. If you have long hair, keep it neat yet a little edgy. You want to match your style, but have your ex notice that you are still that savvy, clean guy that other women will adore.

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Think about keeping your teeth white too. There are plenty of whitening kits out there. I personally use Crest WHitestrips and my dentist had recommended it. It cost about $50 but can lighten up your teeth up to three shades lighter.


You can only do so much with your face. You need to also get your health in check. Exercise is a great way to do two things at once. Release your vented up energies from the breakup and start getting toned and fit. When I was dumped, it seemed like an impossible mission to get back in the gym. You just have to take it day by day. Step by step. Be sure to check with your doctor before you ramp up your workout.

Try doing 10 -20 minutes of cardio to get you blood flow going and your heart rate up. It truly works wonders by sweating and getting your heart rate up. What helped me push myself, in the gym was a picture in my mind of the pain my ex put me thru. This emotional stress helped my realize that I need to push myself to make something better for myself without my ex.

After a few months, my friends and family noticed the changes. Better yet, when I pumped into my ex, I can stand tall knowing, im stronger and better thant when I was with her. Pumping iron does a lot, so it’s a MUST DO on your road to recover. Plus, your ex WILL get jealous.

Eating Right

To help you even more on improving your physical body is what you eat. Try to cut out sugary drinks or too much caffeine. It just messes with your system and your body goes haywire when your sugar level drops. Eating fruits and vegetables will help you feel fuller and get leaner. Also, you are getting nutrients that you can’t get in a candybar. It’s simple changes like these that will help you through the breakup and give you more confidence if you ever cross paths with your ex.

Step Three: Be Pleasant

Having no hard feeling is another good way to get you ex jealous. IF and when you have some type of contact with them, just give typical short answers. No need to embellish or drag out the conversation. Thirty seconds is good if you can keep it that way. Don’t complain or harp about the past, be fun and collected, talk to everyone and be the life of the party. Your ex will definitely be keeping tabs on you to see how you are doing. Showing that you are angry, hurt or the like, will just say, “I’m weak” to your ex and they will conclude that it was the right decision to break it off with you.

Step Four: Don’t Be Mean or Extreme

Dating other people can help make your ex jealous. But don’t go and be mean about it. There is no need to compare or put down your ex. Your ex will get the picture when words spread that you are moving on. Being mean or over the top with making them jealous WILL backfire and make your ex hate you.

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